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Curtains Vs Fabric Blinds, Which Is Better?

Curtains Vs Fabric Blinds, Which Is Better?

If you have recently bought a new house or rent a new space and want to decorate it, then there are several things which you may need to consider.

First of all, you should decide which of the thing will be best suited for your room, whether these are the curtains or blinds.

In case, you wish to use both of them to provide a luxury look to the room, then, all that you need is to think about both the interior scheme along with the window space.

This will create a sophisticated layered look that is well balanced. Not only that but it also effectively reflects the visual weight of the fabrics

Also, you do not have to worry anymore as here are given some of the benefits along with the difficulties that you come across while choosing one. So, it will effectively help to decide following your requirement.

Interior Style

Some of the important considerations that are needed to be made in this regard are both your style as well as décor preference. Specifically, in a more traditional setting, pleated curtains are widely used whereas the eyelet curtains are mainly used for modern styles.

Likewise, most of the blinds are used in the case of modern and sleek interiors. They will help in the creation of a contemporary look which looks perfect. This also looks similar to the vertical blind and roller blind.

In this regard, you should also have a clear idea about the roman blind which is a kind of hybrid between these two. So, it can be effectively used in the case of traditional interior décor.


You can easily create some outstanding look with the help of traditional patterns such as checks, gingham along with the floral design. So, you can use this in curtains that contribute to creating a flow in the fabric.

Sometimes, a more compelling effect is also created by the strong geometrical patterns such as Greek key or honeycomb for blinds. Also, it possesses a naturally flat surface.

Typical Use

Mostly, the curtains are used in the case of the bedroom as well as living rooms. Both the fabric volume along with the fitting of the curtains helps in providing the height of the room in case of larger openings such ad a balcony.

But, if you do not want to consider the interior style, then, you can conveniently use blinds in case of smaller openings. Not only that, but these can also be easily used in the bathrooms.


You will come across two different ways for cleaning of a curtain. But, proper maintenance of the fabric is not that easy due to the volume of the large drapes. In this case, the window blinds are much easier to use. So, it can be taken down simply that are already rolled or folded.

Final Words

So, one of the best options to decorate the home is to specifically opt for the custom made curtains.

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